Dip your toes in The Pool

Post production management – from rushes to screen - any or all.  We can drive, co-ordinate and manage your post for you, in any capacity that you need and at any stage. Offline, online, voice casting, adapting, finishing, distribution, archiving.

Creative adaptation for international use.  Why create ten separate campaigns rather than one in ten languages? The ultimate for adapted work is to make it appear born in of in the country of transmission.  Early planning is key – we would strongly recommend considering adaptations pre-shoot, at script concept and development. There are many adaptation techniques and they can be very complex - but even if you just opt for subtitles, there is still plenty of creative consideration.  We are just as fussy as your most picky agency art director – and we’ve worked with some of the best in the business.

Cinema production.  Creating a cinema master is just another transfer.  Wrong. We have fought very hard over many years for the introduction of international production standards.  Much of our success has benefited many agencies. And just when we thought we had finally achieved some universal code of standards practice….along came digital cinema.  Great news, you may think…but currently there is much confusion about the new technology, with plenty of problems to solve and anything but a universal approach across Europe.

Broadcast administration.  We offer to source and negotiate music, image and talent; track, calculate and advise on talent usage and repeat fee payments; organise and negotiate for UK and international broadcast clearances;

Broadcast distribution and traffic management.  We can co-ordinate your broadcast requirements for you across UK and Europe, issue the paperwork and rotation instructions and provide the broadcast contact for the ongoing follow-through.

Data Organisation and Archive Management.  Your commercials are your agency album and credentials. And you need to effectively access your assets easily and efficiently so that it can be at your fingertips forever. If you would like us to be your asset consultants, we can advise you on the best methods, systems and processes available.